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Colic Success Story – Lovely Jack

A horse undergoing surgery

Following an episode of colic that was unresponsive to medical treatment back in October, Jack the 19yo New Forest Pony was rushed to surgery. Over the next 2 hours, a large lump of fat (lipoma) wrapped around the small intestine was found, and as a result, 1 meter of damaged small intestine had to be removed. Jack was then in the hands of our hospital team, who treated him day and night for the next 3, most critical days. Just a week later and Jack was ready to go home, already feeding and walking in hand.

A horse dressed as a reindeer

Fast forward 2 months and thanks to the diligence of his loving owners, Jack is doing brilliantly. More and more full of life as the days go on, and now less than impressed with his box rest regime!

Originally a loan pony, Jack has found his forever home with the Vokins family. His young jockey Darcey now has a best friend and her mother is sure their bond, love and mutual respect for each other is what has got them both through this ordeal. Not a flashy competition pony, quirky at times, but a heart of gold. ‘Because of Cliffe Equine Hospital, Darcey now wants to become a vet and help others like Jack in their hour of need’.