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Case Study: Wound, the before and after


This horse sustained a wound to the upper forearm and pectorals area, involving the full thickness of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles. The wound was 12cm deep and the skin around was lacerated and devitalised (dead), as seen highlighted by the arrows in the photo.   

One very impressive stitch up by vet Manon! 

5 hours of extensive flushing, cleaning, debriding and suturing later, the wound was held together.  

Over the coming weeks, and to be expected due to the lack of blood supply, the wound broke down, meaning the skin was no longer held together by the sutures. Second intention healing then started.   

With time, restricted movement and cleaning, healthy granulation tissue began to form, and now fills the cavity.  

The wound will require long term management and monitoring but we're pleased to see it going in the right direction.