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Gastroscopy Clinic

Tuesday 30th January and Thursday 1st February 2024

Have your horse scoped for gastric ulcers with huge savings - £80 per horse

Does your horse display signs of any of the following?

  • Aggression
  • Wind sucking
  • Colic
  • Resistance to tacking up
  • Poor performance such as reluctance to go forward
  • Stopping or running out at jumps
  • Struggle to keep weight on? 


If yes to any of the above, your horse may have gastric ulcers.

Each horse will be scoped and where necessary be given a detailed treatment plan by one of our experienced vets.

£80 including sedation for horses not treated for ulcers within 6 months (usually £341 without sedation, a huge saving of over £250) 

£160 including sedation for horses treated within the last 6 months (usually £319 without sedation) 

Please note, these prices are for the initial scope only, any subsequent scopes booked in will be at the standard rate of £341 plus sedation.  

Treatment often covered by insurance, check with your provider.  

Limited spaces so book fast by calling 01323 815120 or email

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