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Spring Castration Clinic

Huge Savings - Spring Castration Clinic

Wednesday 20th April

On Wednesday 20th April we will be holding a Castration Clinic at our hospital near Lewes, East Sussex.

The special clinic price of just £199 per colt, inclusive of sedation, castration and anti-inflammatories prescribed.

The criteria for our discounted clinic are as follows. Your colt must be:

  • 4 years old or under, with 2 descended testes (if you are unsure, please book a zone visit examination to confirm beforehand)
  • Vaccinated for influenza and tetanus (if not, cost of vaccine and tetanus antitoxin will be added on the day)
  • Prepayment must be made at the time of booking
  • Post castration antibiotics or treatment for complications are not included in this price
  • Passports, microchips, and vaccinations can also be completed on the day but must be booked in advance
  • Castrations under general anaesthesia in theatre can be performed on these days for an extra charge but still at a reduced fee.

To book, or to discuss further, call our team on 01323 815120.

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