Poor Performance and Lameness Clinic

Poor Performance and Lameness Clinic -
Thursday 1st July

Is your horse lacking performance or suffering from a subtle lameness?

Have you considered a full poor performance/ lameness consultation?

Dr Egbert Willems, American and RCVS specialist in Equine Sports Medicine is working in partnership with Vet-IR using infrared imaging to assist him in his diagnostics.

On the day, your horse will receive a full body infrared imaging scan, physical examination, full lameness assessment and an examination of foot balance. You will receive a 10% discount on all further diagnostics and treatment for the same horse, up to 30 days post the clinic date.

All this for the greatly discounted price of £400

Infrared Thermal Imaging (IRTI) is used as an indicator of problem areas. It is an adjunctive modality; it is used to identify areas of dysfunction, but it cannot tell you what is wrong therefore It is ideally used at the beginning of a lameness or poor performance evaluation by your vet.

A full body scan gives a better picture of the whole horse and helps identify any primary or secondary issues that might be causing an issue. It is particularly useful when looking at poor performance problems in horses.


Thermal Imaging (IRTI) can help with problems such as -

  • Lameness Investigation
  • Early Disease Detection
  • Pain Evaluation
  • Treatment Monitoring

What are the benefits of IRTI?

  • 100% safe
  • Low cost
  • Non-invasive and sedation free
  • Dynamic testing is included
  • Results from experienced veterinary surgeons


"Infrared imaging can help to identify dysfunction at an early stage. The ability to measure subtle inflammatory processes enables the detection of sub-clinical injuries and the early onset of disease. For example, soft tissue degeneration and the early stages of osteoarthritis can be isolated during imaging sessions providing the opportunity to monitor the areas and intervene earlier”.


Further diagnostics and treatment might be required and are not included in the clinic price. Full payment is required upon booking and is non refundable within 5 working days of the clinic.

Image scans will not be available straight away and take about 1 week before reporting to the owner. Scans are interpreted externally and reported to the veterinary surgeon. 

Spaces are very limited. Please call 01323 815120 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book.

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Absolutely.  Our preferred method of payment for invoices is by BACS (Bank Automated Credit Service) into account number 42306752, sort code 601309.  Please quote your surname and client number on all payments.  Payments made within 14 days from presentation of the invoice benefit from a 5% discount. 

However, we have made it even easier for you, by offering a 10% discount for payments received at the time of your consultation.  Cash, debit or credit card (excluding AMEX) and cheque payments are all accepted either at the clinic or at your visit. 

The world of equine insurance can appear confusing.  There are so many companies offering insurance policies it is impossible to keep track of the details in every policy.  However, we have prepared some helpful tips to help you make a claim.

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