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We are in a unique position having three Equine Dental Technicians (EDT) in Karl Holliman, Penny Brownings and Laura Large. Our senior vet and EDT Karl Holliman is the chairman of the Equine Veterinary Dental Association, putting us at the forefront of the equine dentistry profession. In addition to excellent dental care, we provide sedation, pain relief and local anaesthesia where necessary, allowing a more thorough examination and treatment, with less pain and stress to your horse.

Penny and Laura work on the road, visiting yards all over Sussex and parts of Kent, delivering routine dental care. We advise that your horse’s teeth should be examined at least once a year but, in some horses or donkeys, particularly those with dental abnormalities, checks may be required more frequently.

Karl works from our purpose-built equine hospital and is available for advanced dental procedures such as wolf teeth removal and other tooth extractions. He is available for referrals from outside equine dental technicians and will always refer clients back to their own EDT’s.

Recognising Dental Problems

  • Dropping food (quidding)
  • Weight loss
  • Bad breath
  • Bitting/ evasion problems
  • Head tilt or shaking
  • Facial swelling / nasal discharge
  • Colic or choke

Routine Dentals Include

  • Thorough oral examination
  • Rasping of all sharp enamel points
  • Rostral profiling of all front cheek teeth for a 'performance' finish
  • Removal of any minor focal overgrowths (such as small ramps, hooks, overgrown teeth, waves, spurs)
  • Basic incisor work if deemed necessary
  • Full dental records completed
  • Discounted sedation prices if required