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Internal Medicine

From colic to gastric ulcers and eye health to respiratory disease, our vets will investigate your horses’ symptoms and deliver the most appropriate treatment options. We have our own onsite laboratory enabling us to run many blood tests any day of the week and deliver results in just a few hours. Some tests will need to be sent to our external laboratory and could take a little longer.

Internal medicine usually relates to problems that may affect specific body systems.

After a preliminary examination, it is often necessary to perform further investigations. This may involve imaging (scanning, endoscopy, gastroscopy, or radiographs) or other diagnostics such as taking blood samples or biopsies for testing.

We may require your horse to be admitted to our equine hospital for special blood sampling and to allow enough time for the necessary tests to be performed.

Our veterinary and nursing teams undertake around the clock observations and intensive treatment of critically unwell horses if necessary. For horses suspected to have an infectious disease we have full isolation facilities away from the other hospital stables.

In-house Laboratory