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Provide routine veterinary care helps us to help you keep your horses, ponies and donkeys healthy. Vaccinations, worming and dental care are some of the preventative medicine services we offer. Read more...

Cliffe Equine is part of Cliffe Veterinary Group Limited. Our Equine Vets provide high quality care to horses throughout East and much of West Sussex. Our modern, purpose built equine clinic is based in the heart of East Sussex in view of the beautiful South Downs. The clinic is located at Harbens Farm in Laughton, near Lewes. We have a large operating theatre for surgery (including orthopaedics and colic surgery), and hospitalisation boxes. We also offer a full range of diagnostic facilities, including digital radiography.

We offer a 24 hour referral service, especially for lameness and medical problems, with vets who have achieved a degree of specialisation in these fields. Cliffe Equine also offer a complete stud medicine service and is a BEVA registered practice for artificial insemination (AI) for fresh, chilled and frozen semen.

Vet Rebecca Goodwin mid rescue

Safer Horse Rescues

Cliffe Equine is a registered member of Safer Horse Rescues and are called out by the Fire and Rescue Services to attend horse rescues and emergencies. Over the years our vets have been involved with many rescue situations and are trained to assist the Fire and Rescue service to help achieve a successful outcome.

Common rescue situations include horses stuck in ditches, lakes or rivers, horses caught in fencing or stuck in trailers or horse boxes. Should you find a horse stuck in difficulty call the Fire and Rescue Service immediately, and then call us. Both East and West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service have a dedicated Animal Rescue Team with appropriate equipment and skill.

Home and Away: Keeping Your Horses Safe

Protect yourself and your yard

Biosecurity might not be a sexy word, but everyone wants their horses to stay healthy. We invite you to come along to our latest FREE Client Education Evening and see if Imogen, Rebecca and Rosemarie can enlighten you further. 

No-one likes to think their horse or pony might become poorly, especially when you've got all those events, competitions and training clinics planned! Preventing disease, or at least identifying it at it's earliest stage gives you the best chance and resolving the problem, fully and rapidly. This avoids undue pain or illness for the patient, and reduces veterinary fees in the long run.

Not only will we discuss how to protect your yard and optimise biosecurity, we promise to do so in a really fun and interactive way. And if that wasn't enough we will be discussing how to be savvy when it comes to equine insurance and give to the low down on drug resistance and how we can all work together to make sure antibiotics and wormers stay useful - after all what will a world without these drugs look like.

Come along to The Sussex Rural Business Centre and Plumpton Agricultural College on Weds 13th July  2016 at 19:00 and find out how. We promise you'll leave with fresh, practical ideas on how to spy an issue, along with the chance to win a special prize. FREE tickets for all owners. 

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Equine First Aid Course

A fantastic learning opportunity with XlVets EquineSkills 

First aid is the initial help that is given following injury or illness. Understanding what you can do when faced with an emergency medical situation can help to prevent or reduce suffering, help stabilise the patient, keep you and your horse safe and promote recovery. Distressed horses can be unpredictable. This course aims to equip you with the confidence and skills to take charge of emergency situations you may be faced with, and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

EquineSkills workshops will be delivered to small groups of horse owners and will be both interactive and practical using live animals and associated props where appropriate. They will be delivered by our equine veterinary team, who themselves will have attended an accredited training course, to ensure that we deliver a consistently high level of education, catering for all levels.

Based at Cliffe Equine Clinic, this workshop is open to any horse owner and will offer invaluable learning opportunities for every level of equine experience. The course lasts 4 hours, and places are strictly limited to enable small group teaching, ensuring the best value for money for you. The next course on Weds 15th Jun 2016 at 09:30,  run by one of our vet nurses and Bandaging Angel, Kassie Hill. Places are going quickly, so book yours and don't miss out!

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Need a passport?

Reminder of new passport regulation changes for 2016

Does your horse need a new passport? As everyone is well aware all equines: horses, ponies, donkeys and mules; are legally required to have a passport. Passports primarily serve not only as an identification document, but a method by which all medications administered to the individual are recorded.   

As horses are classified as food producing animals, the owner may sign a declaration within the passport in section IX, to state the individual is not intended for human consumption. This section must be signed if your animal has ever received certain medications, e.g. 'Bute or Chloramphenicol (an antibiotic commonly found in eye ointments). 

Until this year, many passport issuing authorities have allowed passport applications to be made based on a microchip only. However, from the 1st January 2016 passport applications must be made with both a microchip AND an identification drawing done by your veterinary surgeon. 

Microchipping and passporting your animal is a simple process, and the Horse Passport Agency still provide an affordable option to submit applications online. If your animal is already microchipped, but you do not have a passport, you can apply for one as a duplicate/replacement. We are very happy to help you complete your passport application on one of our Zone Visit days.

It is important to recognise that passporting your horse is a legal requirement. The passport should accompany the relevant individual at all times and if you are not able to provide the original document when requested you may receive an unlimited fine. The passport belongs to the horse, not the owner, and the passport must be provided with the horse should it be on loan or re-homed. 

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Once you've found the horse of your dreams, it's best to ensure they are fit for your intended purpose. Vettings take the stress out of your purchase, providing reassurance before you get home.
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Visiting Hours

If your horse, pony or donkey is staying with us as a patient in the hospital, we welcome you to visit them during their stay. We like to be available to answer any questions you may have about their treatment or conditions when you come to visit. We have set aside two time slots during the day, every day, allocated as visiting hours: 9-10 a.m. and 4-5 p.m. To help us, we request that you visit during this time. During weekends access to the clinic is not possible outside of these times, however, during the week we can make alternative times by prior arrangement.


Sometimes you may decide you need an emergency visit, or you may just want advice about whether your horse needs examining out of normal working hours. If you have any doubts about your horse's condition, please ring us. Cliffe Equine provides a comprehensive emergency service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.