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Routine Care

Provide routine veterinary care helps us to help you keep your horses, ponies and donkeys healthy. Vaccinations, worming and dental care are some of the preventative medicine services we offer. Read more...

Cliffe Equine is part of Cliffe Veterinary Group Limited. Our Equine Vets provide high quality care to horses throughout East and much of West Sussex. Our modern, purpose built equine clinic is based in the heart of East Sussex in view of the beautiful South Downs. The clinic is located at Harbens Farm in Laughton, near Lewes. We have a large operating theatre for surgery (including orthopaedics and colic surgery), and hospitalisation boxes. We also offer a full range of diagnostic facilities, including digital radiography.

We offer a 24 hour referral service, especially for lameness and medical problems, with vets who have achieved a degree of specialisation in these fields. Cliffe Equine also offer a complete stud medicine service and is a BEVA registered practice for artificial insemination (AI) for fresh, chilled and frozen semen.

Vet Rebecca Goodwin mid rescue

Safer Horse Rescues

Cliffe Equine is a registered member of Safer Horse Rescues and are called out by the Fire and Rescue Services to attend horse rescues and emergencies. Over the years our vets have been involved with many rescue situations and are trained to assist the Fire and Rescue service to help achieve a successful outcome.

Common rescue situations include horses stuck in ditches, lakes or rivers, horses caught in fencing or stuck in trailers or horse boxes. Should you find a horse stuck in difficulty call the Fire and Rescue Service immediately, and then call us. Both East and West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service have a dedicated Animal Rescue Team with appropriate equipment and skill.

Horse Health Week

Taking care of small things can make a big difference!

As in many aspects in life, when talking about horses’ health, taking care of the small things can make a big difference. In line with this, the focus of this year’s Horse Health Week is on the small things we can all do to help keep our nation’s horses happy and healthy. 

To bring this to life, and help educate and promote on the benefits of preventative healthcare, we have created a range of support materials for  clients. 

Throughout Horse Health Week we will be running competitions, asking for your input, and giving you advice on how to keep your horse as healthy as possible. We will also link to a survey that will gather the current views horse owners have on preventative healthcare, and those who complete this have the chance to win one of five KBHH gilets!

There are many documents available for you to download and these will stay on our website for you to access and share with your friends at any time. The Your Horse Checklist is particularly valuable in aiding the early recognition of illness. 

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Emergency Care

Improving point of care services for our clients

Every owner's worst nightmare is the emergency phone call that you receive. Historically, veterinary services and care have been limited by the necessity for power required to operate equipment needed for either diagnostic services or treatment. 

Cliffe Equine believes in ensuring our equine veterinary team have the most advanced equipment available to provide the best service we can to our patients on site, particularly in times of emergency, when moving a horse or pony is at best undesirable, and at worst causes further pain and injury. 

We are delighted to be able to offer all our clients the benefits of a completely wireless x-ray system. This is hugely advantageous horse's certainly injury themselves away from power sockets! We will be able to bring the battery operated, extremely compact x-ray equipment to you, and even better see the images there and then - the benefits of this technology mean rapid diagnosis, followed by instant and appropriate treatment. 

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Insurance Tips

Understand your policy...

Make sure you are familiar with your policy's cover. Reading the small print is something we all avoid, but it can stop nasty last minute surprises. When you insure your horse you will have to declare the intended use. Please ensure that this includes all the activities you do partake in, as injury incurred outside of these is unlikely to be covered by your insurers.  

All policies provide different cover and you should be aware of what you policy does and most importantly, does not, cover. For example, common variations include payment of transport; livery; supplements; preventative treatments and alternative or additional treatments, e.g. farriery costs, physiotherapy or osteopathy. Being aware of whether such areas are not covered, covered in part or in full will prevent an unexpected residual bill!

Remember, you need to keep your insurers informed of changes to your horse's health status as soon as possible, and consent may be required prior to making a claim. If you do not inform your company of a problem, any subsequent claim which may be related to the previous problem, is likely to be rejected. Check for exclusions each time you renew your policy, and remember some can be lifted after at least one year of complete resolution of the problem. 

If you need to claim, just fill out and sign your section, hand the form over to us with payment to cover your excess within 14 days of you notifying us that you intend to claim and we'll do the rest!

Just one final point: when you get to the end of a claim it is easy to forget to organise the final visit at which our vets can give you the all clear. There is more than one reason why this is so important. Obviously our primary concern is that your horse has fully recovered and fit to return to work. However, getting the all clear allows us to record an end point to that specific condition. This means your insurer's can easily review your insurance exclusions in the future, and should a subsequent claim become necessary it is also easy for the insurers to determine the two conditions are unrelated, resulting in a much smoother claim process.

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Visiting Hours

If your horse, pony or donkey is staying with us as a patient in the hospital, we welcome you to visit them during their stay. We like to be available to answer any questions you may have about their treatment or conditions when you come to visit. We have set aside two time slots during the day, every day, allocated as visiting hours: 9-10 a.m. and 4-5 p.m. To help us, we request that you visit during this time. During weekends access to the clinic is not possible outside of these times, however, during the week we can make alternative times by prior arrangement.


Sometimes you may decide you need an emergency visit, or you may just want advice about whether your horse needs examining out of normal working hours. If you have any doubts about your horse's condition, please ring us. Cliffe Equine provides a comprehensive emergency service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.