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Kirsty Wooller

Accounts Manager

Kirsty Wooller - Accounts Manager
Kirsty Wooller Accounts Manager

Kirsty joined the Cliffe Equine team in December 2010.  Throughout her early years she worked primarily in reception, completing a plethora of admin tasks and assisting wherever was needed. Over the years, she’s become an invaluable asset to the team and now heads up our accounts team, as Accounts Manager. Kirsty has extensive knowledge of the business, and works closely with the vets and our clients on a daily basis, which she thoroughly enjoys.  

Kirsty grew up around horses and finds all things medicine and science interesting. She knew she didn’t want to become a Vet or Doctor, so thought working at a vets might be the perfect solution. Of course she’s an animal lover too, especially when it comes to her dog Maisie! Aside from work, Kirsty enjoys dog agility, baking, travelling, reading, watching and attending tennis matches.