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Stud Medicine

Please note that all prices listed below are based on payment at the time.

Prices quoted are all inclusive of VAT and are based upon 10% discount for payment at time.

  • Pre-Breeding Examination

     £100 (including VAT)

    What is included?

    • Your consultation, including general physical, vaginal and rectal examinations
    • Ultrasound examination of the reproductive tract
    • Swab samples taken as required for further investigation or certification (E.g CEM or EVA)
    • Sedation if required

    What is not included?

    • Laboratory fees if required
    • Your yard visit fees, charged at £30 for AI visits
  • £500 (including VAT) per cycle

    All fees settled on completion of the AI (at mare collection)

    What is included?

    • Injection to bring the mare into season
    • Uterine swab and cytology
    • 5 days livery: grass turnout by day; stabling overnight
    • Ultrasound examinations as needed
    • Induction of ovulation, including drugs
    • Chilled semen ordering and handling (excluding shipping/stud fees)
    • Frozen semen storage for stud season
    • Insemination and semen analysis
    • Routine reproductive medication
    • Examination confirming ovulation
    • Routine uterine lavage
    • Two pregnancy scans as needed post ovulation
    • Sedation if needed

    What is not included?

    • Your yard visit fees
    • Treatment of complications, e.g. repeated uterine lavage/antimicrobials
    • Livery over five days
    • Twin reductions
  • AI Package STUD, Chilled or Frozen

    £400 (including VAT), per cycle

    Prices as listed above, for studs with 3+ mares for AI season

    AI Visit Fees:

    • AI visit fee - £30

Our Practice is British Equestrian Veterinary Association (BEVA) approved for both chilled and frozen artificial insemination, so you can be assured of the highest quality of care for your brood mares. We offer the complete stud package from stallion and mare testing, pre-breeding examinations, artificial insemination, pregnancy care and foaling.