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The Pony Club Hospital Tour

The Pony Club Hospital Tour

Cliffe Equine hosted The Southdown Hunt East and East Sussex Pony Clubs for a sneak peak behind-the-scenes educational afternoon here at our Laughton hospital. 

The afternoon kicked off with delicious homemade sandwiches very kindly made by Lead Nurse Kassie's Mother, Bonnie, and indulgent Easter tray bakes beautifully crafted by Trainee Nurse Steph.

The tour offered the exciting opportunity to see inside our surgery theatre alongside one of our Veterinary Surgeons, Clodagh (including who can dress their surgeon fastest!). George taught everything X Ray and equine imaging, allowing the pony clubbers to try on the lead gowns and thyroid collars. They learnt how to TPR (temperature, pulse, respiratory rate) a horse with Kassie and Sophie, talked teeth with Equine Dental Technician Penny and discovered the digestive system and all things 'how to feed' to get the best results with Baileys representative, Helen Gordon. 

A huge thank you to all who made the day a huge success, including Cliffe Equine staff, The Pony Club and Bailey's representative Helen Gordon - we hope everyone went home with a headful of knowledge and a tummy full of sandwiches and cake!