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Routine Float With Sedation

FROM £65



We want to make safe dental care accessible to everyone.  Unlike other equine dental technicians, Cliffe Equine Vets bring you a huge advantage by being able to sedate your horse if necessary to complete the dental treatment safely and completely at the same appointment.  We charge flat rates for initial sedation as well as top up doses required, so you know where you stand before we start.  

A thorough dental examination and treatment is often only possible under sedation. 


We cater our dentistry service to suit you.  If you are a single horse owner on a private yard and would prefer to arrange a visit just for your horse a routine float with sedation costs just £80 including VAT.


To help owners or multiple horses; or single horse owners that are able to group their appointments together as a group booking we now have two further discounted pricing strategies for your to take advantage of. If we see 3-5 horses at one yard at the same time, you are eligible for a £10 discount per horse. 

For owners who happen to have 6 or more horses, or owners on a yard that can present a group of 6 or more simultaneously you are eligible for a further discount of £5 per horse, reducing your individual horse cost by £15!